Gifts For Him

Chris and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary when we were in Aruba and I bought him a gift for each day. With the holidays approaching I’m sure these gift ideas will come in handy!

1. Knockaround Sunglasses (Matte Black/Smoke Fort Knocks)


Via knockaround

2. Chubbies Swim Trunks (The Hooligans)

3. Apple Watch 42mm Stainless Steel Case 


Via Best Buy

4. Nomad Leather Watch Strap (Brown With Black)


Via Best Buy

5. Apple Sport Band (42mm Black)


Via Best Buy

6. Case-Mate Signature Black Leather Band


Via Best Buy

7. Toms Avalon Geo Twill Sneaker


Hope this helps during your holiday shopping for your man!

Xx M

Low Key Date Night

Chris and I love to go to the beach and watch the sunset as often as we can. We normally just go for an hour or so. It’s so peaceful and the perfect way to end the weekend.

This Sunday night, Chris suggested that we get some yummy desserts and go watch the sunset. I was totally on board because those are three of my favorite things in life: dessert, sunsets and my boyfriend. Can’t beat that! We picked up Talenti Carmel Cookie Crunch Gelato, Cheese Cake, Red Bulls, Pellegrino, and Strawberries.We went over to Robert Moses Field 2 around 6:30pm. The sky was a little cloudy, but the sunset was still amazing.

Sometimes I prefer to be at the beach with Chris and enjoying each others company rather than at a crowded restaurant where we can barely hear one another. Our low-key date night cost us $20. There is free parking during the evening at Robert Moses, so all we paid for was our desserts.

Tranquil scenery and good company is all you need. These cool summer nights are just a small reminder that Fall is right around the corner. I will miss these days.