Maid of Honor

New Years Eve was such a special night for me. Surrounded by family, friends and glasses of champagne – I was completely surprised when my sister put her computer in front of me and played the video below.

A walk down memory lane. Gosh, it feels like yesterday we were playing dolls in the play room and now i will stand next to her when she gets married. This video made me laugh and cry, but most of all it made me realize how lucky i am to have my sister.

I, of course, said yes. After we hugged and cried, she gave me this beautiful box of MOH goodies! It was the best surprise on NYE!

The Perfect Gift

Summer birthdays, housewarming parties, engagement parties, weddings… the list goes on and on and the gifts are more mediocre than the year before. Let’s all make an effort to give cooler gifts; Gifts that everyone can use instead of tucking it away in their closet for a better day.

Cool gifts means personalized gifts. Make them feel special. And I’ve got the perfect personalized gift… Lauren Penelope Coasters! Tell me one person, couple or family who won’t use coasters. They are a neccessity in a household.

You just bought this beautiful mahogany wood coffee table and the second thing you buy are coasters, so your friends don’t ruin it with their freshly chilled beer bottles and wine glasses.

And I’m not talking about those thin, flimsy coasters from homegoods that barely withstand one cold glass of wine. I’m talking about high quality, hand-made, make your friends think “wow she must have spent a fortune for these” coasters!

This Long Island Based Entrepreneur/Coaster Designer, Lauren Penelope, has taken Etsy by storm! I am lucky enough to call her a good friend. Lauren Penelope Designs and RTW have collaborated to spread the word about her amazing hand-made coasters. These coasters are made of ceramic tiles, card stock and mod podge with cork on the bottom!

One of her customer reviews said “The quality of the product is outstanding”. She is known for her quality work, timely shipping manner and amazing customer service.

There are coasters for every occasion: New house, birthday, holidays, births, monogram, weddings, quotes, etc. So i never want to hear that you gifted someone dish towels as their housewarming gift (let their mother-in-law buy them those).

Go check out Lauren Penelope Designs and use discount code “RUNTHEWORLD” for $5 off your purchase of $30 or more. Offer ends September 1st, so hurry and get them!

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