The day has finally arrived.


First, I went onto snap chat and Kylie posted that 46K active users were on her Kylie Cosmetics site, so i went into a panic. The first two times her lip kits were available I completely missed it and I was not going to let that happen again! Koko K was my first choice and that was sold out (I plan on ordering it whenever it becomes available again) and 22 was my second choice. I added 22 to my cart and typed in my credit card number as quickly as possible!!! Order confirmed. Order shipped. Happy human.

Positive Note: The kit comes with a matching lip pencil and matte lip gloss. I applied the lip pencil, then the lip gloss and let it set for a few minutes. The matte finish is amazing. For $29 I was SO impressed.

Side Note: I applied it at 7pm on friday night. I told myself I would get out of bed before i fell asleep to wipe it off and of course, I never did. I woke up in the morning and it was still  on perfectly. (And it wasn’t on my pillows!!) Long lasting is an understatement.

Negative Note: It smells like vanilla. It looks so good that I can overlook the sweet smell.

Another Side Note: It comes off easily with a make up wipe or remover.

If you are contemplating ordering one, I totally recommend it! I will post about Koko K when I get my hands on it! Xx

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